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Serving and Located in Fruitland, ID     208-452-5850 | 208-739-2122 (Towing)


Our Safe and Prompt Towing Service

Call Us for Immediate Towing Help

If your car breaks down while you're on the road, don't worry! Call Fruitland Outdoor Power Sports LLC immediately for our 24-hour towing services.

Trust us to recover your vehicle without causing any damage to it and safely transport it to its destination. We're fully equipped to tow your classic car or any other type of vehicle. Call us at 208-739-2122 today!

Reasons to Choose Us

  • 24-hour towing service
  • 35 years in business
  • Locally owned
  • Fair pricing
  • FREE estimates on our services in 10 - 15 minutes
Call us at 208-739-2122 for our 24-hour towing services
If you need assistance with filing insurance claims, you can count on us!
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